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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Dramatic Color

Everyone’s got that one color they know they look best in. The one that brings out your eyes, brightens your cheeks or highlights your skin tone, this is the year to flaunt it! No matter what color it is, the bolder and brighter the better! We’ve seen a lot of basic colors so far (red, pink, blue) but spring and summer are sneaking up on us and we just cant wait to see what hues and shades designers will be dreaming up. It doesn’t matter what color you’re wearing, just that it makes you glow.

If you can’t make the commitment to a solid top or dress, then don’t fret. For those of us who keep it simple, we still have the option to accessorize! Morgan Oakley’s Ditch and Baby Ditch Handbags make it easy to color coordinate! She’s created the perfect everyday bag and given it to us in almost every color under the rainbow (even patent leather)!

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